Second Day of the Summer School

Second Day of the Summer SchoolThe second day of the School on the Culture of Tolerance, which is hosted by the University of East Sarajevo, consisted of lectures given by Professor Enzo Colombo of the University of Milan and Professor Roberta Marzorati of the Bicocca University in Milan.

Professor Colombo, who gave a lecture on multiculturalism in everyday life, expressed personal satisfaction for participating in the School as a lecturer.

Speaking about his personal impressions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Professor Colombo said that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a good example of how we can find new ways to achieve tolerance and cohabitation.

“I think it is very important – not just for Bosnia and Herzegovina, but for the entire society, where differences pop up every so often – to find a way to live together,” Professor Colombo said.

He believes that the School will be a success if it creates a network of young students interested in spreading the ideas of tolerance and diversity.

Professor Roberta Marzorati of the Bicocca University in Milan talked about life with differences.

“My lecture was about the spatial organization in promotion of just contacts between people representing different groups. I tried to let students see from multiple perspectives the ways in which they can promote tolerance in a society or a city that is fragmented, divided,” Professor Marzorati said.

She told students not to be naive and not to think in the past.

Student Sanja Krgušić from Podgorica, who completed her undergraduate and specialist education in Podgorica, and then her Master’s studies in Athens, says she found out about the School of Tolerance on the Internet, and that she decided to apply because of the topics suggested.

“I am very happy with the School. It is my first time here, I like the topics and I hope that the atmosphere will stay the same until the end of the School,” Krgušić says.

Aleksandra Vuković from Skoplje, also a participant in this year’s Summer School, is studying for a Master’s degree in European Law at the University of Skoplje.

“I am currently working in the Government, at the European Affairs Secretary, and I am working on harmonization of national regulations with those of the European Union in the field of human rights and minorities, which was the primary reason for me to apply,” Vuković said, adding that the most important thing for her is to meet the other participants from various countries so that they could share experiences and new knowledge.

The second day of the School, which is organized jointly by the Bicocca University in Milan, University of Sarajevo and the University of East Sarajevo, concluded with a workshop in which students discussed various topics with their lecturers.

The third day of the School will be organized at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Sarajevo, and lectures will be given by Docent Dr. Darko Đogo, Dean of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology at the University of East Sarajevo, and Professor Gorazd Andrejč from the Woolf Institute in Cambridge.

The closing of the School and the awarding of certificates to lecturers and students are scheduled for Saturday, September 20, at 12:00 at the University of East Sarajevo Rectorate.

The official benefactor of the Summer School is the Embassy of the Republic of Italy to Bosnia and Herzegovina.